BlackBag Technologies Apple® Forensic Investigations

Class Description

Through hands-on learning and real case scenario data, the student will learn how to perform both triage and analysis of specific data points that exist within operating system and file system artifacts. This course will guide the student through the most important macOS and iOS device areas.The macOS and iOS operating systems, HFS+ and APFS file systems and significant application data are explored throughout the class.

Class Objectives

Upon concluding this course, the student will have reviewed up to three different case scenarios. The class will cover analysis methodologies via instructor-led exercises and culminate with an individual written and practical assessment of knowledge gained. Through a hands-on approach, the student will gain a strong familiarity of macOS and iOS artifacts and the confidence with which to conduct thorough examinations. Apple® Forenslc Investigations provides assessment and validation of the student's comprehension of the material.