BlackBag Technologies Mobilyze Tool Training


Mobilyze Tool Training is primarily intended for Mobilyze users and prospective customers, but may also provide insight for law enforcement and private sector professionals with interest in mobile data triage and acquisition.

Course Description

Mobilyze Tool Training is a software-specific tutorial course, offered both as self-paced and in-classroom formats. During the two hours allocated for Mobilyze Tool Training, students learn the functionality of Mobilyze and how to use the tool to quickly triage and acquire Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) device data. As with other BlackBag courses, Mobilyze Tool Training is designed with a hands-on approach, helping to ensure that students walk away feeling confident and proficient as Mobilyze users.

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, students will have a comprehensive understanding of how to use Mobilyze. They will learn by applying the tool to conduct a triage of a scenario case file, and create a customized case report using the built-in software reporting capabilities. The course will culminate in an opportunity to take a Mobilyze proficiency certification exam, available only through this course.

Course Requirements

While there are no prerequisites for this course, students should bring (for on-site class) or have available to use (for online course) a computer system for use during the hands-on exercises, meeting the following specifications: