Magnet AXIOM Advanced Computer Forensics


This course is an expert-level training course, designed for participants who are somewhat familiar with the principles of digital forensics and who are seeking to expand their knowledge base on advanced forensics and improve their computer investigations.

Because this is an expert-level course, it is recommended that students first complete Magnet AXIOM Examinations, which will provide a thorough understanding of AXIOM that will help students focus on the mobile part of investigations in this course.


Module 1: Windows 10 Overview

Module 2: EMDMgmt and Volume Serial numbers

Module 3: Finding Missing Executables

Module 4: Investigating Shellbags Beyond the Surface

Module 5: Prefetch Files and Correlating the Data

Module 6: Jumplists, What Are They and What Do They Tell Us

Module 7: Recent Docs

Module 8: Collecting RAM and Parsing RAM Images

Module 9: Sharing Files and Folders and Settings Across Devices

Module 10: Using Passware to Break iTunes Backup Passwords

Module 11: Cracking Windows 10 Passwords

Module 12: Investigating Google Drive Back to the Local System

Module 13: Windows File History and What It Could Mean

Module 14: Investigating Modern Apps (Windows Store Apps) Overview

Module 15: Maximizing Use of the USNJrnl in Your Investigations

Module 16: Cumulative Review Exercises