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EnCase EndPoint Security

EnCase Endpoint Security has transformed the way enterprises expose, analyze, and respond to advanced endpoint threats and errant sensitive data.

While every other solution defends against known threats, EnCase® Endpoint Security is the only solution to expose, triage, and remediate the unknown elements within your network. This proven solution automates incident response and data auditing processes and guides you to undiscovered data that may represent a threat to the enterprise, supporting global scale, remote access, system integrity assessments, and similar file analysis for the most accurate, prompt investigations.

When your organization has been hacked, you suspect advanced threats are evading your layered security technologies, or need to expose and remove sensitive data from unauthorized locations get guidance from the forensics experts. Guidance Software's EnCase® Endpoint Security brings data-centric cyberforensics to the enterprise. We help you expose advanced malware and errant PII or IP on your endpoints, diagnose malware, locate similar malware such as morphed iterations, assist in attack attribution, and bring systems back to health. Once you have remediated anomalies and errant sensitive data, ongoing system integrity and data risk assessments maintain the trust level of your endpoints. Rigorous, remote scanning helps ensure your endpoints remain free of stealth malware and inappropriately stored sensitive data.

Key benefits

  • Expose, analyze and remove threats designed to evade traditional layered, defense-in-depth security approaches
  • From a central location, quickly and effectively respond to and recover from computer security incidents, with no disruption to operations
  • Find and remove sensitive data, such as credit card data or intellectual property, from unauthorized locations
  • Remotely triage incidents across worldwide networks and combat insider threats
  • Audit data to prove compliance with records retention and data management policies

Key Features

  • Patent-pending Entropy Near-match Analyzer identifies similar files and binaries to expose advanced threats such as polymorphic malware
  • Compares endpoints against a trusted baseline and performs live memory analysis
  • Wipes files and kills running processes with forensically sound remediation capabilities
  • Operates at the disk and memory levels, providing complete visibility and control over endpoint data
  • Lets you combine and fine tune various search criteria - keyword, hash value, regular expressions, date ranges and more

EnCase eDiscovery

Key Benefits

  • Lower Costs and Reduce Time to Resolution
  • Immediately reap the rewards of a powerful, efficient e-discovery environment
  • Eliminate outsourced processing and preservation fees
  • Learn the system easily with streamlined desktop application workflows
  • Enjoy one-click data upload to CaseCentral Review, including metadata and other subjective fields or tags
  • Gain Unprecedented Management Power and Flexibility
  • Easily administer and monitor teams of attorneys in real-time
  • Readily maintain a complete chain of custody
  • Eliminate coding errors with real-time QC query folders
  • Enforce holds on structured and semi-structured data
  • Leverage Prior Matters for All-New Levels of Efficiency
  • Make immediate use of previous work product, redactions, searches, workflows and processes across cases
  • Produce faster for litigation or regulatory response
  • Protect privilege across cases to avoid inadvertent production
  • Reduce Risk Exposure
  • Quickly issue notices to custodians
  • Collect and preserve more complete results
  • Preserve electronically stored information (ESI)
  • Automatically track the legal hold process
  • Gain Actionable Intelligence Earlier
  • Know what's in the data and act on it with multiple conceptual views
  • Easily identify and filter on key values with faceted navigation

Key Features

  • Legal Hold
  • Create and manage Legal Holds from a single interface
  • Automatically identify and notify custodians regarding legal preservation holds using Active Directory (AD)
  • Ensure preservation obligations are met in full
  • Provide visibility and insight for the preservation and collection of ESI via enhance custodian questionnaires
  • Anytime Analytics and Early Case Assessment (ECA)
  • Unique ability to do pre- and post-case assessment and first-pass review at any point in the e-discovery process
  • Easy culling and tagging of document groups prior to review
  • Powerful data analytics and a simple interface
  • Documents are accessible directly from the application
  • Non-disruptive Collection and Preservation
  • Exclusive capability to collect and preserve content with no disruption to business operations
  • Powerful collection and patented, optimized, distributed search functionality deliver the most comprehensive results possible
  • Processing
  • View pivotal information in a graphical layout
  • Superior culling and processing
  • The Right Architecture for the Right E-Discovery Function
  • On-Premises collection and preservation behind the firewall, providing security and oversight of your electronic data
  • Secure hosted review and production safely enables collaboration among a geographically dispersed legal team with disparate infrastructure
  • Blended on-premise or hosted processing and analysis offers flexibility to suit your needs and your way of operating
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