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EnCase Forensic Software: Características y funciones (II)


  • Smartphone and Tablet support: Acquire data from devices running the following operating systems:
    • Apple's iOS
    • Google's Android ™OS
    • Rim's Blackberry™ OS
    • HP's Palm™ OS
    • Nokia Symbian
    • Microsoft's Windows Mobile OS
  • Native Encryption support: Encrypt evidence files directly in EnCase Forensic v7, using AES-256 strength encryption
  • Improved Evidence File Format: The new and improved Ex01 and Lx01 file formats, built on the trusted E01 and L01 formats, bring increased performance and optimized data management


  • EnCase Evidence Processor: Automate common tasks associated with preparing evidence for investigation, includes:
    • Recover Folders
    • File Signature Analysis
    • Protected File Analysis
    • Hash Analysis (MD5 and SHA-1)
    • Expand compound files
    • Find Email (PST, NSF, DBX, EDB, AOL, MBOX)
    • Find Internet Artifacts (IE, Firefox, Safari)
    • Search for Keywords
    • Index
  • EnScript Module Processing: v7 incorporates the following modules by default in the processor:
    • System Info Parser
    • IM Parser (AOL, MSN, Yahoo)
    • File Carver
    • Personal Information (CC, Phone Numbers, Email, SSN)
    • Windows Event Log Parser
    • Windows Artifact Parser
    • Unix Login
    • Linux Syslog Parser
  • Custom EnScript Module Processing: Add custom EnScripts into the EnCase Evidence Processor
  • New Indexing Engine: Optimized for the forensic examiners needs with robust query language.

Deep Forensic Analysis

  • New Supported Files: The following new file systems and file types are supported
    • EXT4
    • HSFX
    • Microsoft Office 2010
    • iOS Physical Images (iPad, iPhone, iPod)
  • New Encryption Support: Now supporting Checkpoint/Pointsec Full Disk Encryption. Existing encryption product support updated.
  • New E-Mail Investigation Platform: E-mail investigations are now as easy as reading email in an inbox. Added capabilities to review e-mail conversations and related messaged to uncover context and identify all individuals related to the case.
  • Tagging: Create custom tags and apply to any file, including hash records, to enable easy export of files for review by others.
  • Unified Search: Now search across the entire case from one easy to use, flexible, and powerful search interface. Incorporate the index, keyword search results, and tags into a single search.


  • Customizable Templates: Create custom report templates for consistent reporting for every case.
  • Formatting: Choose formatting for each section of the report, tailoring the representation of finding to meet the audiences needs.
  • Easy Export Options: Save reports in any of the following formats:
    • Text
    • RTF (opens in Microsoft Office)
    • HTML
    • XML
    • PDF
  • Built-In Smartphone Report: Predefined Smartphone report, displaying detailed information about the evidence acquired from a Smartdevice. Report includes ability to export KML data.
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