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EnCase Enterprise Novedades

Novedades de EnCase Enterprise v7

Seven Reasons to Adopt EnCase® Enterprise v7:

  1. Integrated Smartphone & Tablet Acquisition
    You can now acquire data from smartphone and tablets directly from EnCase Enterprise. Results are seamlessly integrated into cases. Directly supports most popular smartphone and tablets.

  2. Customizable Reports
    In version 7 you can create custom report templates, producing consistent, rofessional reports for every case. With an easy to use configuration capability you can create report templates for every type of case.

  3. Simple E-Mail Review
    The greatly improved e-mail review in version 7 provides threading and related conversations to make understanding the e-mail context much easier.

  4. New Workflow: Let Encase® Do the Work
    In version 7, processing and indexing can be automated, giving you more time to focus on investigating the evidence. As a result, you can decrease your backlog, completing more investigations.

  5. Reengineered Evidence Processor
    EnCase Enterprise v7 includes a reengineered evidence processor featuring a new indexing engine with more powerful queries and faster processing. In addition, you’ll be able to automate tasks, create templates based on case profiles, and integrate EnScript® results.

  6. Enhanced Snapshot
    Snapshot, the ability to capture and analyze RAM from target machines has been improved to enable the user to view volatile data from numerous target computers concurrently, making it easier to determine commonalities, or expose anomalies, which can be important when investigating a computer security incident.

  7. The Value Inside
    EnCase Enterprise delivers the most advanced forensic software with the broadest file type and OS support. With version 7 you also get the most comprehensive encryption support, Passware integration for protected file detection, and Windows Event Log compatibility.

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